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December 9 Fri, 2022

Short term plans


i) From the Pre-General meeting position holders at Board of Directors and Audit Committee members for five years will be running improvement programs for union in effective way.

ii) For the proper management of pre co-operative union various management training shall be provided.

iii) To make difference in co-operative transaction in the proper way, discussion and conference between pre co-operative organizations will be held.

iv) To make the registration process of Co-operative easy, union will request Ministry of Co-operative department verbally and also in written form.

v) For the better management of pre- co-operative organization, various rules and regulation will be made and to imply those rules and regulation necessary help will be provided.

vi) Run saving and credit transaction from pre- co-operative organization.

vii) To provide donation given in yearly basis by Department of co-operative without studying and investigating co-operative organization through central co-operative unions, discussion with other central co-operative union will be done and suggestions to related department and pressure situation will be created.

viii) Within a year in each district where multipurpose are running, district level union establishment will be completed.

ix) Play the role to protect the rights and improvement of co-operatives from the preliminary stage to district, central, national and kingdom various places.

x) Begin the new, pure and improved strategy to move forward the country co-operative conflicts without the involvement of politics.

xi) Create pressure situation to remove the unnecessary tax implied on co-operatives.

xii) Due to lack of proper management, problem has arisen in some co-operative organization so help will be done to improve on that co-operative management.

xiii) Provide co-operative education to the reporters of each national daily newspaper who looks over the co-operative booth by conducting various seminars.

xiv) Organize time to time press conference regarding good works done by co-operative and country co-operative conflict with presence of National Co-operative Federation, Department of Co-operative and Central Co-operative.