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December 8 Thu, 2022

Long term plans


i)Make policies as per the need of time and pressurize to related department to implement them.

ii) Establish loan information center to make loan investment of co-operative safer.

iii) To change the co-operative law 2048 and co-operative and co-operative rule 2049 according to time, pressurize to related department.

iv) Establish the specialized team from Department of co-operative and Division of co-operative to inspect and suggest for the multipurpose co-operative running under lack of proper management.

v) At present making strong management of all the central unions and district unions and approach for the infrastructure to inspect and supervise pre co-operative organization.

vi) Approach to the related department for the Board of Directors of National Co-operative Federation to be the representatives of all central unions.

vii) Within 3 years time period, collecting the actual data of multipurpose co-operative running all over the country and conduct seminars, interaction and training programs regarding contribution and role in country economy at national, regional district level and pre-stage.

viii) Due to lack of co-operative education, co-operative conflict is not moving forward as the aim targeted at the present context, so as to provide education pressurize to the related department to include co-operative education in the syllabus from school to university level.

ix) Conduct training and conference to inform the Directors of pre co-operative organization about co-operative objective, activities, value and beliefs as they do not have full knowledge about it.

x) Within 5 years time period collect more than 1 billion capital and run agriculture project and animal husbandry model from the collected capital and also encourage other co-operative organization to run these projects.

xi) Under union making presence of co-operative organization and personal sectors to run small and medium hydropower.

xii) Register at least one multipurpose co-operative organization in each V.D.C. and from those organization conduct programs such as agriculture products, health services, co-operative education and provide employment.

xiii) Provide suggestion to District multipurpose union for proper management by visiting every district.

xiv) Within 3 years put special effort to make all subjective district union to involve in central union.

xv) Put necessary effort to make separate co-operative university by studying experience from different countries.

xvi) Organize various high level conferences to make Central Union, District union to union develop the overall co-operative conflict in country.

xvii) Run project to create employment by conducting programs to make women and youth more powerful.

xviii) At present context, there is only one co-operative bank allowed to exist according to the co-operative law so, by studying the international experiences, conduct the programs for pressurizing related department to terminate the rule and make law for every union and pre co-operative organization to run bank according to the rule.

xix) Present National Co-operative Bank is affected due to lack of proper management and extreme involvement of politics and due to lack of capital, it cannot be transform into national level bank so. To improve the management of bank and for making capital two billion and transform into National Level bank, special effort will be put.

xx) Actual record of accounting transaction and contribution by co-operative in country economy is not received till date so, the base for collecting actual data, meeting of District Co-operative Union, Central Co-operative union and National Co-operative Federation will be organized.

xxi) Keeping relation with the work valuation of Subjective District Co-operative Unions, Subjective Central Co-operative unions, National Co-operative Bank and National Co-operative Federation, provide necessary help to increase the ability of unions.

xxii) Create software and imply them in all multipurpose organization to manage their transaction.