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Nepal Multipurpose
Central Cooperative Union Ltd.

  • Regd No.: 069/070/023
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December 8 Thu, 2022

CEO Message

In the development of country voluntary and self dependent national economy by the effort of citizens for the society various subject on enhancing the business skills, to make contribution of multipurpose co-operative long lasting, reliable its necessary to make and run multipurpose co-operative organization and also Central union of District co-operative union of more than four thousand three hundred (4,300) multipurpose organization rights, preservation and improvement is the main motive behind the establishment of this Central Union. Making the proper management of multipurpose co-operative through co-operative special attention will be given to production process, by improvising economy of rural area move forward the overall Nepal co-operative conflict in good direction, respecting the problems seen in co-operative sectors in time, and reconstructing subjective district co-operative unions and also including National Co-operative Federation to develop the economy of country, suggest to Nepal Government related department and also besides the activities written in rules of this Central Union we have conducted Pre-General Meeting on 29th Falgun, 2069 and on 29th Poush, 2070 First Annual General Meeting was conducted and we have expressed to work on the short terms and long terms plan stepwise.

Within one year time period of establishment Central Union has started saving and credit transaction and also loan investment which will be beneficial to the associated members. To provide saving and credit transaction service to multipurpose co-operative union and institution saving and credit transaction is being strated.